Everyone you meet or speak to is fighting a battle you know nothing about. So, be kind. Always.

Hey, I'm an aspiring software developer and I love to write, so much that I never needed a handwriting book in my childhood. I used to write about physics, space, life, stuff that bugged me when I am alone (which I still do) and now mostly about tech and things I'm learning.

One fine day, I wrote something on a piece of paper which got lost or maybe I kept somewhere I couldn't find, and then I realized that everything I've ever wrote would be lost someday without even seeing the light of day, and so I decided to make this website, to store everything I write. Also, you can subscribe to my newsletter to get more resources on frontend and design stuff. I also publish on Dev and as a side note I now hangout most of the time on our Discord, which you can join to discuss stuff about tech, life, health or anything.