How to use Webview in React Native?

Here's how you can use WebView inside React Native to display websites or entire web apps natively inside your application

Making your console log statements stand out

Writing console logs with CSS and various methods that help visualize the contents of it easily and with less effort

Common problems faced with Gatsby Image

Recently I ran into some issues while using Gatsby Image, so a post with some workarounds

Uploading media assets from React using Cloudinary

Walk through to using Cloudinary in React Apps for Image Asset Management

Like everything needs to be secured

A conversation I was having with my parents about what to do in life and thinking about it in retrospection

Top Five CORS Issues You Don't Want To Run Into

The guide to fixing all the CORS issues in your application and beyond.

How to setup MongoDB with Node.js and Express?

Need a database for your project? Learn how to add MongoDB to your Node Express Server instantly and host it on Mongo Atlas for production.

Implementing Redux in your React projects in a nutshell

A non-intimidating approach to setting up the Redux boilerplate in a React project in an organized way, from scratch

Adding Tailwind into React project in under a minute

Learn how to add an utility first CSS framework, TailwindCSS into your React projects

What the heck is Currying anyway?

What is Currying in JavaScript? And how to make helper functions to transform normal functions to curry functions in a less-intimidating approach?

What is reduce and Why does it exists?

What is Array.reduce method? How do you use it in JavaScript and more examples on just Reduce itself.

Making a project using React and Redux to build our grasp

We Learn Redux: Part 5 (Final). We are making a Countdown timer app. This is loaded with many actions and reducer which are core concepts of Redux to give you a clear understanding of it.

A List of Immutable Update Patterns that you can understand

We learn Redux: Part 4. Basic examples on immutable update patterns, which is required to update data in a Redux store

Learn enough Redux to get started with your projects

We Learn Redux: Part 3. Learning how to implement Redux in projects, along with Redux APIs like createStore and how to create a Reducer function and Action Object in Redux

What is Redux and what Immutability has to do with it?

We Learn Redux: Part 2. What is Redux in laymans terms? What is all the fuss about Actions, Reducer and Store along with illustations?

The battle between Mutable, and Immutable data types

We Learn Redux: Part 1. What are Mutable and Immutable data types in Javascript and how do they behave differently? This is most basic concept we'll use further while learning Redux

Visualizing the power of CSS Filters using Picturesque CSS

Have issues in distinguishing from different CSS Filters? Easily learn CSS filters using a playground containing useful CSS filters we use in everyday lives

What is hoisting, from a beginners perspective?

Learn what is hoisting, an often misunderstood but so easy concept in easy steps.

Tell more story with Emojis

Big Fan of Emojis? Why not bring all fun to your website which also can grab user attention and improve their interaction with your blog? Learn how to add emojis to your websites.

The last piece of explanation on slice vs splice

How to not get confused between Slice and Splice methods in JavaScript Arrays? Nice little trick to distinguish between both almost instantly.

Making Responsive Layouts without using Media Queries

How to add responsiveness to your site without using CSS media queries with use of CSS Grid Layouts? A new approach to do responsive web design.

The subtle difference between controlled and uncontrolled inputs

What is the difference between controlled and uncontrolled inputs in React? How to make forms in React using both Controlled and Uncontrolled input types.

Make your CSS production ready by creating a build process

How to make your SASS (CSS) production ready by adding various vendor prefixes using Autoprefixer, and concatenating all your CSS into one minified bundle to improve performance?

Easy to Write Media Queries

A easy and reliable way to write media queries using SASS variables, mixins and if directives in your frontend application, that is modular and reusable.

End of Mass

Thought experiment on how celestial bodies might be losing mass unbeknownst to us

Did Binary Fission shape our universe?

Relating the way our universe initiated and became self sustainable with my ninth grade biology class

Perplexity of Trifling Geometry

Thought experiment on why the universe should expand and what if it doesn't. I suspect here that nature must like flat geometry a lot.

Enigma of Time and Space

Thought experiment on space time curvature expanding alike a bedsheet being pulled from corners and my questions related to that

Cycles of Time

Our dependency for life on major celestial bodies and how they evolved over time. An essay for our presentation on astrophysics in school.