Implementing Redux in your React projects in a nutshell

A non-intimidating approach to setting up the Redux boilerplate in a React project in an organized way, from scratch

Making a project using React and Redux to build our grasp

We Learn Redux: Part 5 (Final). We are making a Countdown timer app. This is loaded with many actions and reducer which are core concepts of Redux to give you a clear understanding of it.

A List of Immutable Update Patterns that you can understand

We learn Redux: Part 4. Basic examples on immutable update patterns, which is required to update data in a Redux store

Learn enough Redux to get started with your projects

We Learn Redux: Part 3. Learning how to implement Redux in projects, along with Redux APIs like createStore and how to create a Reducer function and Action Object in Redux

What is Redux and what Immutability has to do with it?

We Learn Redux: Part 2. What is Redux in laymans terms? What is all the fuss about Actions, Reducer and Store along with illustations?

The battle between Mutable, and Immutable data types

We Learn Redux: Part 1. What are Mutable and Immutable data types in Javascript and how do they behave differently? This is most basic concept we'll use further while learning Redux